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• Jan 8, 2017 - 01:42

I am face off with a serious bug on the piece I am working on. when I save the the piece, I did realise the the flatted note has change to its enharmonic equivalent. for instance on the key of D major, I have a Bb pitch so whenever I saved it, it changes to A#, and i have corrected it severally, so it keeps on repeating. please, how can I fix it?


First of all Bb and G# are different notes, so you obviously wrote one of them wrong.

Now for the meat of the problem. How are you changing the spelling of the pitch? Are you switching between concert and transposed views when you are noticing the change?

Can you upload the score and tells us what you do to make this happen?

In order to do more than guess, we would need you to attach the score you are having trouble with and to be specific about how to reproduce the problem. My guess it there is some misunderstanding here about how "concert pitch" works, or perhaps this is a score created with an earlier version of MsueScore that did not allow you to have different spellings of a note in concert pitch mode versus transposed mode.

It's also possible you are making the mistake of exporting to MIDI rather than actually saving the score. MIDI doesn't contain enough information to preserve enharmonic spellings; you need to use MuseScore's own format for that.

I have this problem, too! It is frustrating. I change the parts but the score changes. I have a boat-load of B#s instead of Cs, and E#s instead of Fs, even F double-sharps for G. I don't even understand how they changed--seemingly on their own. The only thing I can think happens is that I am too fast toggling with note input or the back button and for a split second my screen has displayed the drop down menu, on which the same spot is "respell pitches." I have not found a solution except to hand-correct and even then the corrections don't hold. I don't even know about the midi thing....Im just putting notes into the score.

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In order to understand and assist better, we would need you to attach your score and describe precisely what you are doing, what you expected to see happen, and what happened instead.

For the record, B# is a perfectly valid note. If you enter it (like by pressing B then up arrow in a key that does not include C natural) then you will get it. You will also get it if, for instance, you enter A# in concert pitch mode for a clarinet, then turn concert pitch off - B# is absolutely the correct transposition and should be used except in the specific cases where you decide you wish to respell it during transposition (Ctrl+J will do this).

It's also possible that you accidentally used the respell pitches command I guess, but I can't say that's ever happened to me accidentally, I would find it surprising if anyone did this more than once. And if you say "the corrections don't hold", this would have to be something else. My guess is you are missing something fundamental about how either note input or transposition works, but right now it isn't clear what.

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