Isolating a Sound from Soundfont?

• Jan 7, 2017 - 07:18

I want to create auxiliary Clarinets and Oboes using current sounds in FLuid. Do I isolate the samples, pitch them down in audacity and then make a soundfont? Or is there a way to do it just in Polyphone. Oh right, I'm using Polyphone, on a MacBookAir


What do you mean by auxiliary clarinets and oboes?

And why would you want to pitch them down??

AFAIK most use cases are already handled by instruments.xml. Make sure you have the "All Instruments" dropdown selected in the "Choose Instruments" dialogue.

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In order to stop that you would need fresh samples recorded by the instruments themselves.

What makes it sound slow is the samples pitch-shifted down by the soundfont - you can only do that so far before it starts affecting the character of the note. As little as a fifth can alter attack noticeably.

Isn't a bassoon a bass oboe??? Forgive my ignorance - I'm not a woodwind specialist.

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Church organist is right, You aren't going to get a better result than what's already around. Alto clarinets are unicorns - nobody uses them outside of a clarinet choir - and bass oboes are even bigger unicorns. I don't think anybody owns a bass oboe, unless you count professional orchestras and the occasional music shop in a metro area that will rent them out.

The problem with unicorns is that nobody will have recorded samples of them. Philharmonia doesn't, and that's probably your best bet with a sound sample library.

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