playback problems

• Mar 10, 2012 - 13:41

I have V1.1, r4611 with windows 7 and lately, I am getting only static noises and no music when playback is attempted. MuseScore Connect scores play OK.
I have uninstalled and re downloaded MuseScore but the problem remains. I have not fiddled with factory settings apart from changing instrument parts.



(sounds like he *is* using 1.1)

When you say MuseScore Connect score are OK, do you mean, if you load them into MuseScore? What about the scores in the the "demos" folder under the folder where MuseScore is installed? Or is it *all* scores other than ones loaded from MuseScore Connect?

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Did you try any of the scores in the demo folder? If not, could you? If the problem exists with the demos, then it suggests it is an installation issue. If the demos work fine, then it suggests something has gone wrong with your scores, and posting one would help.

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