How do ossia?

• Jan 4, 2017 - 22:51

Can anyone advise how best to add "ossia" as shown in these two examples? I've done a quick search and found suggestions this feature was being worked on in 2015, but I've not found how to do it in v2.03:
ossia1.PNG ossia2.PNG


Add an extra stave for the ossia. Use the Hide Empty Staves feature to hide those parts of the score that do not have ossia. This will hide or show entire lines depending upon whether anything appears or not on the stave on that line. You can also hide individual bars by right-clicking ->Bar Properties etc.

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I'm not really sure what you mean - it's not clear from the pictures - but I'm guessing maybe you took the screenshot at the wrong resolution for your purpose. Also, it's not clear how you took the screenshot. Best is to use the image capture tool built in to MuseScore (the camera icon on the toolbar). If you set it to 360 DPI resolution, it matches the original in size, for easy pasting.

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