0.9.5 unstable prerelease for ubuntu

• Apr 11, 2009 - 19:11

how can I save a score already written with another name in order to have a copy?
pls don't tell me "save as/save a copy" because the commands don't work!
many thanks


Can you make your titles a little more descriptive? A good title teases people to read more and results in more chance to get a good answer.

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I can't speak for the devs that are compiling themselves or using custom installs of QT, but as an end user using a clean Ubuntu 8.10 install, the prepackaged Ubuntu launchpad ppa prerelease installs do not have functioning save as.

I double checked with a clean guest on VirtualBox, no functioning save as for Ubuntu 8.10.

Not trying to harsh any mallows, just stating that for sure, the launchpad ppa prereleases for Ubuntu have no functioning save as. This of course could very much be specific to the Ubuntu 8.10 launchpad ppa versions.

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@Robert Leleu
my verison is 0.9.5 QT 4.5.0 REV.1739
mscore has beeen installed directly from https://launchpad.net/~mscore-ubuntu/+archive/ppa [1]
last night I' ve re installed mscore ... but NO WAY ... Save As doesn't work ...
I'm trying to ga back to 0.9.4 vesrion ....
in addition another problem:
the command Open
it opens a little window BUT ITÌS INACTIVE in other words inside it appear two choiches but they are INACTIVE

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In fact I stayed with the 1598 (from the same source as you) version because when 1739 claimed for the new version of QT I feared some problem installing it, and prefered to wait for the next release of Ubuntu. (at the time I had urgent scores to prepare)

Now since ubuntu 9 comes by the end of the month, including QT 4.5 I'll wait for it.

Meanwhile you have always the possibility to make a copy of your file, so the problem is just a bug

For the other bug: the open command works fine.

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I interpreted your claim as follows:

The command "File>Save" works (the shortcut is CTRL s), but the "File>Save as" doesn't

So I just noted that you could make a copy of the file created by the basic command. (by the usual copy command in the repertory navigator)

Your new comment let me think that "File>Save" doesn't work either...does-it?

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@robert leleu
correct ...!
the problem is as follow: I've written a score for voice and piano ... I want to save a copy of it in order to keep "only voice score"
the command "Save/As" doesn't work so I must re write all with the "voice" only"

the command "Save" works correctly

sorry but I must go back to "Finale Note Pad"
what a pity! mscore should be an excellent tool ...:-)

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I guess you'll not use finale notepad on linux. Do you ? If you run it on wine, I guess you can install the windows version of musescore on wine as well. If you run finale on windows, you can install musescore as well. The windows version is not affected by the "save as" bug.

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should be a good idea but ... I've already try it out ... no way ... mscore ( via Wine) doesn't work in a normal way so I'm not able to write my scores; finale the same ... so ... I must carry out a job ... I can't loose my mind in a labirynth of problems ...
I need a tool that perform what it is supposed it should perform ... NOT OTHER ELSE ...
I'm very sorry to say such a words but there is no aother way
many thanks
waitin for next ubuntu release hoping it will correct all the bugs & problems in mscore

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So now the new Ubuntu release is here, but "save as" still does not seem to work. I'm running MuseScore 0.9.4 on UbuntuStudio 9.04. I have a msc file that I want to save as a midi file. What to do? Do I need to install an earlier version of MuseScore to do this, and if so which one? Thanks in advance.

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I don't know if you need to go all the way back to that version, but my husband happened to have 0.9.2 on his laptop (from when I had to borrow it because my own was catching fire...(!)), and "save as" worked there, so at least my problem's solved. (Or at least that particular problem! ;-))

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the point is "other"
let me try to explain my point of view and my experience:
I consider "mscore" an excellent tool when it works and performs correctly ( shouldn' t be in other way ... i think all people agree)
I use 0.9.4 version in window It works and performs correctly .. I repeat again "it's an excellent tool"
other things occurred to me working with mscore in ubuntu :
1 st) step I used mscore version 0.9.4 with 8.04 version of ubuntu installed directly from the site of mscore "via synaptic"
it worked correclty
2 nd) step the unstable pre release 0.9.5 became availlabe so I installed it
3 rd) step problems arises .. many problems
4 th) step I tried to re install mascore 0.9.5 with 9.04 version of ubuntu ... SAME PROBLEMS
5 th) step I tried to go back at 0.9.4 of mscore ... It was impossible via synaptic ... so I downloaded unpacked compilde and installed 0.9.4 mscore version ... ALL RIGHT EVERYTHING all things HAS GONE WELL ... but The command "save As " doesn't work
so what should I do ?
somebody could tell me WHAT ?
at the moment I'm trying to uninstall mscore 0.9.4 ( in ubuntu) but it's very hard ..

Consider that I' m vocalist and I nedd a tool that works correctly ... I can't think to use something that causes problems and problems ... wasting my time ...:-)

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hello to all

i've had the "save as" issue also

i've noticed that it doesn't work on ubuntu 9.04 (with mscore 9.4) but well on kubuntu 9.04 and on Xubuntu 9.04. So it appears that the problem is related to the graphical environnment. I'm not a developper however. I dodn't know if this observation can help....


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