Restore functionality of extending barline through multiple staves in one go

• Dec 29, 2016 - 20:37
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To reproduce:

- Create a new score from a template with connecting barlines (e.g., any chamber music, band, or orchestra template).


Double-click and drag to extend further also fails.

Additionally, the Inspector UI for barlines no longer allows the number of staves spanned to be set, but only whether or not it reaches one staff.

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 3.35.13 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 3.34.38 PM.png


Implementation for barlines has changed. Every staff now has its own barline. A barline can only be extendet to the next staff. If you want to span several staves, every staff barline (except the last) has to be extendet.

This means you will have to start at the bottom one and work your way up or you will never be able to connect all the brass (e.g.) like is normal in a score. This seems wrong.

I don't use the nightly builds so I'm not sure what happens when you click on the barline on the bottom of the two staffs. Do you select the top one the bottom one or do you flip a coin to see which one you get?

In 2.x you can click the barline on the piccolo (the top woodwind) and drag it down to the Contrabassoon (the bottom woodwind) and make a solid line all the way down. In 3.0 you have to click the piccolo, then the flute 1and extend it, then flute 2 and extend it, then oboe 1 then oboe 2 through all the 12 lines of wood winds and extend each one individually. I agree with the OP this is a regression not an improvement. It makes no sense to limit the barline to only 2 staffs. It only makes sense for piano and a few other grand staff instrument solos and not for any ensemble.

If you don't use the nightlies (from the master branch) you won't see the changed behavoir this issue is all about. And you won't even have that problem in the first place

It seems to me this just makes what was a very quick and straightforward operation into a long, drawn-out process. I agree with Mike, but I'm open to hearing if there's something I haven't taken into consideration.

I'm not sure this is the same problem, connecting them pair-wsie does work. But yes, that changes how, for example, the concert orchestra template Looks, unless you extend not every 2nd, but (almost) evrery barline

Just as an added voice to the discussion (mind you, its only going off from what I've read here and not personal experience!).

I dislike not being able to extend the barline over multiple staves in one go. Could a multi-extend(?) be implemented that will under-the-hood perform the possible rather many steps to achieve the same result current manual labor produces?

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To sum up, it is definitely not a bug, but by the new design. The discussion may be continued.

Title Regression: barlines can only connect maximum two staves Restore functionality of extending barline through multiple staves in one go
Severity S5 - Suggestion
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Status by design active

Reopening as feature request for the "multi-extend" suggested by jeetee above. Even if it's not possible with mouse editing or the inspector, at least there should be a pair of menu commands to connect and disconnect barlines through selected staves.

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Fix version 3.5.2

Extending over multiple staves works in 3.5.2 for me

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