"Load Style..." does not update the score

• Dec 28, 2016 - 10:34

After applying an .MSS style template, additional manual changes are required to show the settings from the .MSS file.
To achieve a unique layout with good readability I apply my own .MSS style template via "Style > Load Style...". The attached Leadsheet_He.mss contains these changes:
1.) set "Create clef for all systems" OFF ("Style > General... > Page")
2.) set the vertical offset for measure numbers to 6.50 ("Style > Text... > Measure Number") to show the measure numbers below the staff instead of above
3.) set the font size for chord symbols to 20 ("Style > Text... > Chord Symbol") for a good readybility of the chords
1.) takes effect immediately.
2.) and 3.) are not applied correctly until I change something else to force a refresh of the score.
(As a workaround I usually change the vertical offset manually by 0.01 on both "Measure Number" and "Chord Symbol").
Expected behaviour: The score should be refreshed after "Load Style..." to apply the new settings immediately.

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I'll make the same comment I made in one of those other threads - if your goal is to create a similar look for newly created scores, don't ue style files for this - use templates. Easier, more powerful, and it doesn't suffer these limitations/bugs.

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I have a template with my preferred settings and it works fine for new scores. I use "Load Style..." to apply the same settings to scores that I receive from somewhere else (e.g. the MuseScore forum) or to scores created by importing .ABC files into the plugin "ABC Import". Could I do that also by using templates?

I tried saving the score and reopening it as an alternative workaround. That fixed the position of the measure numbers, but NOT the position of the chord symbols.

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Yeah, if I save as MSCX and look at it with a text editor, I can see the original style information "baked in" to the text in exactly the same 1.3 used to do. I had thought of the same possible workaround before, but it doesn't work for the same reason as for 1.3 scores - the text itself has the original style information had coded. It's done in a different way internally, but the effect is the same.

It's not completeley fixed in MuseScore 2.1
At least
2.) vertical offset for measure numbers
3.) font size for chord symbols
are not taken over when an .MSS file is loaded in MuseScore 2.1
Creating the .MSS file anew with the desired settings with MuseScore 2.1 did not help.

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