Any news on musescore 3?

• Dec 26, 2016 - 05:52

I was wondering if musescore 3 is projected to be released pretty soon as in maybe within a month or is it projected to be released a few months from now?

Any news would probably make me happy. And I have worked with the nightly builds, but bouncing back and forth between them and the current stable version of musescore is pretty sticky (because I like to use my midi controller with semi-realtime input). But yeah, I was just wondering if there was any info floating around.


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I'm not on the development team, but there should be no compatibility issues for a score made with realtime midi input compared to other input methods. Since minor revisions are concerned first of all with all version 2 files being able to be opened by any version 2 of the program this feature isn't impossible. I'm not sure how the code writing is coming along, so this feature in version 2 could be a pleasant surprise for those who want it.

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My guess is that any sort of semi-realtime MIDI input would have to wait not for compatibility reasons, but because it is simply too big of a change internally and probably relies on other changes that are intended 3.0, such that merging these changes into 2.1 would probably be impractical. I could be wrong, but that's what I'd assume.

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