to ask members to look into their hiding places for music

• Dec 20, 2016 - 09:37

There is a lot of music on MuseScore and on the internet, but I think there's even more on our computers. I myself have more than 800 exercise files with "Swedish" choir music on my computer.
Is it possible to create an opportunity where we can specify our requests? Anyone who happens to have something appropriate in their caches can then post it.


You threw the stone into the pond once again ;-) I hope there will be some answers.
One possibility is the forum
Another idea was ( ) a "publisher online" with standard graphics criteria that users might offer some of their works to be sold at reasonable prices, and the proceeds go to the maintenance and progress of the software and all that is behind?

Only thoughts out loud, heartfelt greetings and...Buona musica.

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