Octave dots in jianpu notation

• Dec 19, 2016 - 10:42

(from https://musescore.org/en/node/141581#comment-614996)

In conventional jianpu, octave dots go directly above or below the number it affects, except for the bottom number in a chord, whose dots go either above the number or below the beam lines. Additional dots are stacked vertically.

This is, however, inconsistent, and requires ample vertical space. A proposed alternative is to place all octave dots above or below the affected number (keeping beam lines outside), and to stack additional dots in rows 2 dots wide.

I have attached a mock-up comparing the conventional way and this proposed way.

jianpu-conventional2.png jianpu-proposed.png


In my opinion, MuseScore shouldn't be in the business of redefining conventions but instead adhere to the existing ones (I'm talking about music notation and MuseScore here... not in general ;) So if millions of people are used to read Jianpu in the conventional way, that's what MuseScore should do by default (just like it does with standard notation and tabs).

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