right system dividers show left

• Dec 16, 2016 - 09:11
Reported version
S4 - Minor

right system dividers show left
See also #111576: moving system dividers causes crash when using page settings dialog

Seems the the setting of AlignmentFlags::RIGHT alone doesn't have the effect needed here, it seems to work from the wrong reference Point, the left page border rather than rhe right page border

More problems:
changing the system dividers' vertical offset in Style/General/System/Dividers doesn't have any effect
changing the system dividers' horizontal offset in Style/General/System/Dividers only has an effect when disableing and enabling them again, i.e. the change doen't have an immediate effect.


I think I found a solution for the vertical offset not having any effect: in libmscore/layout.cpp, line 1483 we'd need to add something like `divider->rypos() += (left ? s->score()->styleD(StyleIdx::dividerLeftY) : s->score()->styleD(StyleIdx::dividerRightY)) * SPATIUM20` to the calculation, which currently only centers between systems. With that change it does reflect changes of the values in the score immediately, so this may give a good hint as to where and how to fix the problem that horizontal offsets are only changing when disableing and enabling them again. And it may be the place to fix the right dividers being displayed left.