Shortcuts: using - key and keypad keys

• Apr 7, 2009 - 16:34

Version 0.9.4 and r1723 on XP and Vista.

1. When I define - (the key between 0 and = on a regular US keyboard) as shortcut for flat, it seems to work fine during that session of MuseScore. Once I exit and come back to MuseScore, that shortcut no longer works and indeed is no longer in the shortcut table. This seems to happen only with the - key and I see no conflict in the table.

2. This is more a feature request and has probably been asked already since there are many Sibelius veterans here. How about allowing keypad keys for shortcuts? Right now it appears that MuseScore does not distinguish one keypad key from another when you try to use them in shortcut definitions, and then they don't work anyway.


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