Volta is drawn over a row

• Feb 23, 2012 - 16:16

have a look at the attached pic please.

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Well, I've just drag and dropped the Volta to my desired bar (the bar where the volta begins) and prolonged it with shift-right-arrow to my desired size (the bar where it ends).

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I assume he is referring to the fact that the volta runs right off the right hand side of the page. I've never seen that happen with voltas before, although it's known to happen with glissando.

Could you post the score itself, not just a picture of it?

This has been discussed on the French forum ...

This overflow occurs when the handle is not properly initialized (the dotted line that appears when the operation is not perpendicular to the span)

See all 4 images attached to this post (in French but the pictures speak for themselves): http://musescore.org/fr/node/12982 # comment-44064

1 and 2 show the genesis of this overflow
3 and 4 show the proper handling

NB The images concern the hairpins but the principle is valid for all lines.

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