Disappearing cresc/dim markings

• Dec 12, 2016 - 19:30

I click on a note in my score, move the cursor to the palette, double click on a < or a >, and it appears near the note I clicked--OK so far. But then when I double click on the < or > and move it around with the keyboard arrows, as soon as I try to release it by clicking on an empty space in the score it disappears.

Usually it will reappear if I either hit the back arrow or click on the same note again, but either it will 1) reappear in black but won't allow me to edit it at all (i.e. nothing happens when I click or double click on it again except the cursor flash you get when you're clicking on nothing) or 2) it will reappear in blue and allow me to move it and/or change the length, after which it may or may not disappear again. I already hate putting in detailed dynamic indications, and this is making it all that much more time-consuming. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.


With 2.0.3? Perhaps it would be better to attach here a sample score.
(From Inspector controlling position and visibility)
I think that it disappears if you exceed quite the anchor point.

Indeed, in order to do more than guess, we need you to attach the score and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

But my guess is you tried moving the marking so far it is now on a different page, which is known not to work.

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Yes there are definitely temporary glitches that happen *while* moving an element, but once you are done, things normally appear correct (you might have to do a Ctrl+A or other operation to force a re-layout of the score) and are fully selectable / editable and behave normally in all respects. At least, that has been my experience.

No, I'm not moving it very far at all--only within the measure. However, since my last post I started single clicking on the just to turn it blue, THEN double clicking on it to move it or change the length, and that seems to help. Thanks for the swift replies, guys!

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I experience the same issue, not moving the hairpin very far (from below the staff to above it for vocal vice instrumental staves). And, it always comes back soon, usually at the next element that is selected. I consider it a minor annoyance at this level.

But- I wonder if it's related to the hairpins that wander on relayout if they've been nudged out of their default position? I've changed my work flow which has kept that problem from bothering me lately, but before then, I had quite a few problems with "semi-visible" hairpins. They would be grayed out as if I had marked them non-visible (as well as being out of position). And, even though not visible, they would still print out as light gray both on hard copy, and when posted to MuseScore.com. I think some of my older scores on MS.com still have the problem; at the time I didn't know how to resolve it (by manually setting all system & page breaks to prevent relayout from changing them automatically).

If I get a chance, I'll look through my older scores to see if I can provide an example.

MS 2.03, windows 10.

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I suspect the wandering issue you saw is unrelated.

As for the greyed-out hairpins, if you can find an example, do start a new thread and attach the score. My best guess is somehowe the hairpin was set invisible but the individual segments (for hairpins that span multiple staves) were not or vice versa. Presumably due to a bug, or perhaps it was a score originally created with an experimental pre-release build and this was is just an incompatibility.

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