Inconsistent behavior for Chinese input on XP/Vista

• Apr 5, 2009 - 01:23

This is observed on MuseScore 0.9.4.

The inplementation of Chinese input using 'New Phonetic' is done perfectly in the 'Create New Score Wizard' but somehow does not carry over when one gets into the score.

Let me first describe what happens in the 'New Score Wizard'. Say you want to input the character 盤, which would require the two phonetics ㄆ(q key) and ㄢ(0 key) and the second tone (6 key). As you press q and 0, the two phonetics appear in a small window next to the insertion point (cursor). When the tone key (6) is pressed, the phonetics disappear and a Chinese character with that pronunciation shows up at the insertion point. Since there are usually several characters corresponding to a given pronunciation, the character that the system picks may or may not be the one you want. If it is, you can just proceed to input the next character. Otherwise, you press the 'Cursor Down' key and another small widow with candidate characters pops up and you can pick the right one. This is done cocnsistently both in XP and Vista.

Once you are in the score, things go quite differently. Take Vista first: The phonectic window seems to pop up randomly somewhere on the screen, often far away from the cursor. Next, when the tone key (6) is pressed, that window disappears and nothing shows up at the insertion point at all. And that, I find, is very disconcerting, as if what you have put in is all for naught. It seems that actually the system has selected a character for you at that point, but it is NOT showing it to you. Experienced users would know that 'Cursor Down' key then will bring up the window of the candidate characters and you can proceed from there. It woudn't surprise me though that a few would throw up their hands and give up, as I nearly did. (We all have struggled with programs that claim to work with Chinese but does not in actuality.)

The situation with XP is not nearly as bad, though I do wish the phonetic widow and the window of the candidate characters would stay near the cursor rather than popping up randomly.

Can't the implementation in the 'Create New Score' be used throughout the program?

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