How to get all staves to show when uploaded to

• Dec 4, 2016 - 22:36

Hi, I'm trying to upload a score and for some reason I can't get it to show
all of the parts on here. I use continuous view on the program, but the
product of the upload here omits the percussion, harp, and string staves.
They are still audible, but they can't be seen. I noticed other people are
able to show their entire scores. Is it a premium thing, am I missing some
step or something, or is it just that there are too many parts in my score ?


Sounds like you put more instruments on your page than your actual page size can accommodate at the staff size you have set. Simply increase the page size or reduce the size of the staves - both settings can be found in Layout / Page Settings. Then check to see how things look in Page View. Continuous View is fine for entering the music and basic editing, but when it comes down to controlling the formatting - how it will look when printed, or when viewed on, or on a mobile device - you need to be doing that work in Page View.

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