Tenor Clef in wrong octave

• Apr 4, 2009 - 19:13

In creating a bassoon part I discovered a problem when changing in and out of tenor clef (from bass clef), The program seems to have the octave wrong. During playback the notes sound one octave too high. Similarly when shifting clefs on notes already entered in bass clef, they display an octave low in tenor clef.


Please tell us what version, revision, and operating system you are using, and attach a sample file. The version and revision you can find out by clicking help/about...
I haven't had any problems with tenor clef on my system.

I'm using version 0.9.3 revision 1102

In the attached file, measure 3 has a change to tenor clef. The last note of measure 2 (B just below middle C) and the first of measure 3 are the same note -- playback records and octave jump. When I first wrote the file, it was all in bass clef. When I introduced the clef change, the result was displayed and octave lower than what is now on the page.

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Warm-up thirds.mscz 4.26 KB

Well, we're making progress, I guess. I downloaded 0.9.4 and sometimes things are better. In the enclosed file, I managed to get the first two lines to work. Now the problem is in lines 3 and 4. I first wrote everything out in bass clef for those lines. I then changed into tenor clef at measure 9 -- the notes came out displayed as if it were in alto clef even though the clef sign is distinctly tenor clef (the last note of measure 8 and the first note of measure 9 are the same and sound the same on playback). I then returned to bass cleff at measure 11 -- that came out displayed as if what had been before was in tenor clef. On playback notice that everything sounds OK. Unfortunately the notes are not sounding as shown from measure 9 onwards. For example, the final note sounds "C" (two octaves above the first note of measure 7) but is shown as an "A" in bass clef.

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Warm-up thirds.mscz 4.26 KB

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