Few graphic bugs

• Apr 3, 2009 - 08:55

Hi I submit a few graphic bugs in the attachments, which happen with a normal use of MS, just entering the notes, I guess if you try to reproduce the same bar, it will behave the same, I have not done anything special.
For the graphic bug 5, I have simply entered the bar with the lower part as voice 1 and the upper part as voice 2 (in this order), then asked to commute voices 1-2 via the menu Edition->Voices->Commute voices 1-2.

Funny result isn't it? :-)

bug 2: 5plet in F clef, then send , then send e flat and a flat to the upper staff, then switch stem direction.

bug 3: ledger line missing under the rest

bug 4: weird placement of accidentals

bug 5: see above.

Kubuntu 9.04 beta,
MS 0.9.5 rev 1698



Attachment Size
graphic bug2.png 223.36 KB
graphic bug3.png 232.35 KB
graphic bug4.png 270.7 KB
graphic bug5.png 213.78 KB


Hello! In the image to bug 3 there is also a collision between a dot and a ledger line. MuseScore should here set the dot a little higher to avoid this. What do you think is weird about the accidental placement in number 4?

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