Lyrics delete themselves...

• Apr 2, 2009 - 14:04

I am using several different versions of Musescore at the moment, but i believe this particular file was written with revision 1619 on windows. Essentially I put in a large quantity of Lyrics and then they disappeared leaving only the melismatic continuation lines.

Early I encountered a bug that made all text invisible, and I thought that this was the same, but in this instance i can put in new text. I am uploading the file if anyone wants to look at it.

I am currently running both the most recent prerelease, as well as the stable version of Musescore, just took me a while to post.

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night.mscz 9.78 KB


Do you know the series of steps that caused this to happen? Are you able to reproduce it with a different score?

Just so you know, there is file saved in the same folder as night called .night.mscz, that contains the previously saved version of your file. You might want to rename it with a .mscz (no comma) file extension and open it in MuseScore. If you saved the document only once after the lyrics disappeared, then it might still contain the lyrics.

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