is there a way to duplicate a part?

• Jan 9, 2012 - 17:44

I may be mising something, but is there a way to duplicate a part?

By way of example:

If I have a flute part. Can I have a keyboard double the part without writing out the entire flute part on the keyboard?

I know I can copy a measure, but this is imply too tedious if I want to double the entire part for the duration of the score? there some other quicker way of doubling a part?....thanks.


Click on the first note on flute, Shift click on the last note. You have select the full part. Ctrl +C to copy.
Select the first rest on piano, Ctrl + V to paste.

Oh, thank you so much for clarifying this for me -- I was stumped and I thought there must be a way to do this. Thanks!

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