Chords over the stave

• Jan 4, 2012 - 23:28

I have been trying to look at music in Wikifonia which I believe uses Musescore.

The lead sheet for the song that I was looking at ( The Jody Grind by Horace Silver) has a number of chords which are written over the stave inluding Bb- Eb7 and A7+4

When you transpose the music for a Bb saxophone all of the notes on the stave transpose fine as does the chords Bb- Eb7. However the A7+4 does not change at all. It is as though the Bb- is recognised as a chord but the A7+4 is not.

I downloaded the .mxl file and used MuseScore to save the .xml file and both of these chords seem to be saved in exactly the same way.

Does anyone know why this is happening?


Without seeing the file or knowing which chordname style it was using, I would say your hunch is correct - MuseScore can only transpose chords it recognizes, and it would appear that A7+4 is not recognized according to whichever chordname style was in use by the person who created the file, The default styles want #11, not +4, but then, they don't use "-" for minor. So perhaps he was using the "sym" style, or a homebrew style. An easy way to see if a chord symbol recognized - enter it with the root lower case (eg, "a7+4". If it's recognized, the lower case root will get capitalized during the formatting.

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