Fingering position plugin update

• Nov 24, 2016 - 17:14

Hi, I just wanted to share a new version of my fingering positioner plugin. This plugin moves fingering elements above/below the staves, avoiding notes and other fingering elements. I find it particularly helpful for piano music.

You can download it here:

Feedback much appreciated!


Thank you for your great plugin!

I had the problem that I only wanted to fix eg. RightHand-Fingerings for guitar ( p i m a) but the plugin works on the Element Type fingerings that are LeftHand and RightHand fingerings.

I created 2 versions of your plugin: one for LH, one for RH.
As I don't know if it is possible in QML to select Subtypes (RH-Fingering, LH-Fingering) I just filtered the content:
0,1,2,3,4,5 for LH
p,i,m,a,c for RH

Perhaps it could be made all in a more elegant way by real programmers, but I thought it could be useful to post these version here.

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fixLHfingering.qml 4.06 KB
fixRHfingering.qml 4.03 KB

I just had occasion to try this out. You say "avoiding notes," which was exactly what I was hoping for, but I see no evidence of that. For example, with this test case:


I run the plugin, and get:


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Oh yes, you are right.

You and me were using an old version of the plugin.
The attachment in this post is the old one:

To find the new one you must click on "View all releases" ( and download this:

Here are my LH- and RH-Versions of the newer plugin.

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fixLHfingering.qml 6.99 KB
fixRHfingering.qml 6.96 KB

Is there an easy way to move all the fingering text up or down as a unit?
When I select all the fingering numbers and try to use the arrow keys to move them as a unit, it doesn't do anything.

I thought once the numbers were in place they could be treated as text, so I'm sonfused.

Thank you very much for the time you put into developing this plug-in. I cannot tell you what a tremendous help it is! I wish I'd found it sooner, I have spent so much time and effort moving individual fingering numbers.

There is one other function regarding fingering positioning that I would find very useful, if you would consider it. Sometimes I would rather have the treble clef fingering under the staff rather than above it. Could you possibly create a plug-in that would do this? Thank you for your help.

Great pluggin, I love it :)

I've modified the spaces between elements to fit my own preferences, its very easy :)

I would like to have in a chord have the numbers in the same arrow, instead in the same column.

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

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