• Mar 30, 2009 - 03:41

Well, I'm loving MuseScore! Its a very powerful score creator. I have some problems, though... My setup is the following:

UbuntuStudio Intrepid, 64bit
Rosegarden, MuseScore and others...
Kontakt 2 - through wine and jackbridge. It work like a charm!

I'm used to use Kontakt as my primary sampler, as I have a very big library of samples for it, many of them customized. I usually connect Rosegarden output to Kontankt input ("midi through" device), and always work perfectly. Of course, I'm running jack with alsa_seq midi enabled. I had try to do the same in MuseScore (in place of Rosegarden of course), with no success. At first, It create correctly the outputs, then I'll connect them via jackctl... but it do not start the playback. It receive my keyboard inut, but nothing reach Kontakt... I had try the same with QSynth (suspecting a wine or a jackbridge bug), but it's the same.

Oh, and... where I set the " midi_channel / staff " relation?

What I'm dong wrong? Or, there's something missing in the MuseScore code?

Any advice is very, very welcome!



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Yep, It seem impossible to do by now! What a shame... Well, really we need a jackmidi implementation, a simple midi channel routing " channel <> staff ", as the program itself is already very functional and powerful. Soundfonts are simply not good enough anymore. Modern composers want to write and hear exactly the sound they means... its very important for demanding orchestral works, acoustic textures, etc. I don't think is difficult to implement, in a short deadline. Providing the framework, the users can provides the others goodies.

Thanks anyway for the beautiful program. It looks gorgeous, and it works very well.

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