Interface/Toolbars/Palettes are Huge

• Nov 23, 2016 - 01:23

All of the icons, toolbars, palettes, and popups appear too huge and make it hard to work. Scrolling between items takes significantly longer, a large amount of the actual score is covered, and the width of the icons is so large that the buttons to switch voices are hidden (I have to click the little arrow on the side). I had this issue on and off for a while on one of my monitors , but since the most recent update it has been everywhere.
The screen resulution of my monitor is 1080x1920. It used to work fine on one with resolution of 1800x3200, but now it's everywhere.
I attached a picture.
It makes it really annoying to work, please help!

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I assume your problem is with Musescore only and not other software. There are a couple of Musescore specific items that come to mind.

1) sometimes the preference file gets mangled and causes various problems. You can resets the preferences back to default and see if that resolves the problem. See

2) Musescore may obtain incorrect information about your monitors resolution at startup. You can override the scaling of toolboxes and dialogs with the - x command line option when Musescore is invoked. for example, something like

musescore -x 0.5

There is more info at

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