Bugette with Ties

• Nov 20, 2016 - 20:45

Hi all.

I am entering chords as dotted crotchets into a score in 4/4. All is well until I enter the third one, which ends up as a crotchet tied to a quaver in the next bar. At this point, when I try to add a note to make the tied notes into a chord, the tied notes move up/down to the new note instead of forming a chord.
The work-around is to delete the tie, create the crotchet and quaver as chords, then add ties. back in.

MuseScore 2.0.1 on Windows Vista 32-bit.



If I remember correctly, this was fixed in 2.0.3. I see you're still using 2.0.1, so try upgrading. It's well worth doing in any case (2.0.3 is the current stable release).

My experience is that if you add the third dotted crotchet and then add a note to the chord, the chord only shows up on the second note of the tie. My solution to this is to make a crotchet for the third note then press 4 (to tell MS you want an quaver (? 1/8th note) and press the "+" key to tie an 1/8th note with the same notes to it. I use 2.0.3 so this has not been fixed as of that update. I think DonH is right that MS should add all the notes of the score to all of the tied notes.

That does pose a problem in some scores that the human must fix himself. I'm transcribing a score that has 3 chords tied across measures. I would normally type a chord and then "+" the ties, but this score changes the middle note with an accidental. Inserting the accidental makes that notes tie line disappear and I must add a slur to that particular chord manually. In other places I have had one note tied and others in a chord slurred, I tie the tied note then enter the slurred notes and manually slur them.

Far more common is that the tie across the 3 measures has identical notes. I would like to type "8 . A C E " to make a 3 measure whole note tied chord rather than "7 A C E + +" to make the multi-measure tie.

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