Bugs encountered in Musescore (4)

• Mar 29, 2009 - 13:49

Operating System: Windows XP
Musescore Version: Musescore 0.9.5 r.1667

D.C. al Fine Crash
1. Create a new score
2. Create a short composition of music
3. Using the palette place "D.C. al Fine" and "Fine" at the areas you want repeated
4. Play back the music
5. Musescore crashes
I have tried this with an "End Repeat", without an "End Repeat", and with "D.C" by iteself at the end. Musescore crashes every time. I have also tried using both a "Start Repeat" and an "End Repeat" along with the "D.C al Fine" and the "Fine", but the bar line repeats overide the D.C al Fine. D.C. al Coda works properly.

D.S. al Fine Crash
1. Create a new score
2. Using the palette place "D.S. al Fine", "Fine", and the Segno sign in the appropiate places
3. Play back the music
4. Musescore crashes
I have tried many variations of this as well. D.S. al Coda works properly. Musescore seems to crash with the presence of "Fine".

Clef Crash
1. Place clefs on a score using the palette
2. Using the palette, place the "Treble Clef" into the score
3. Musescore crashes
It appears that inserting the treble clef over any clef will cause Musescore to crash


I confirm the crash with the DS al fine and DC al fine. I've included example files also.
As for the treble clef crash, Mine seems to work. What method are you using to place the clefs? I find that the best way is to enter the notes on the clef you already have, and then select the first note that you want the new clef to be in front of, then double click the clef in the pallet. I've heard that there is already an open bug report about somebody trying to delete a clef by putting the same clef as the previous clef on top of it--resulting in a crash.

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First, I create a new score; I use the Tuba in the Bass Clef F. Then, I create a short piece of music. I display the palette and I drag the Treble Clef G over the Bass Clef F. Musescore then crashes. Thank you for the suggestion, but, unfortunately, Musescore still crashes.
Are you changing to Treble Clef G, the first one in the palette? All of the other Treble Clefs work properly, but Treble Clef G causes Musescore to crash.

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Yup, I got the crash. To reproduce, take my example Clef.mscz. Drag and drop a treble clef from the pallet into the first measure. Notice that this is unrelated to the crash when having two of the same clefs in a row, as there is an intervening tenor clef in the example. I would suggest, in the mean time, not placing clefs this way as they can only be placed at the beginning of a measure using this technique. Using the technique I described earlier doesn't crash the program, and the clefs can be placed anywhere.
By the way, Tuba in Treble clef? really?

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