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• Dec 21, 2011 - 15:40
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Can you provide HTML file so script can be hosted and run from outside musescore - it is such a good utility (I discovered it yesterday) and it would be great to have it stand alone as well.


This plugin depends on the QT-runtime, which is used in MuseScore. A standalone program without this runtime could be written platform-independent in java, but this would be very time-consuming (at least for me). Perhaps the Impro-Visor-team could program an XML-IMPORT, based on this plugin? That would be most effective.

Title Use stand alone or from HTML page Or maybe a batch conversion feature?

Would batch-conversion be a feasible alternative? Convert an entire directory, of possibly hierarchy.

Similarly to the previous writer, I'd wanted a command-line version. I've been looking at it myself, but differing javascript interpreters and the Qt issues were frustrating my efforts.

But all I really want to do is batch-convert leadsheets. Normally I'd make a script and run a tool headless, but I think I can't make Musescore do that. The issue for me with the plug-in is simply that I have many files to convert and I'm presently nursing an RSI from mouse/trackball. With around 120 sheets to convert, I really don't want to put my wrist though all that mouse-clicking.

It seemed to be a very closely related suggestion, though I accept your point. I guessed, possibly quite wrongly, that the suggestion might also be useful to the original poster, hence the hijacking.

One can invoke a plug-in from the command line, but this plugin opens file selection boxes for input filename and output filename, and then allows selection of one file only. I can't see that there's a way to pass in the filenames. It converts xml not mscz, so it doesn't work with the files that Musescore itself open.

Those small shortcomings are a great shame for a tool that otherwise is excellent!.

Opening and processing an entire directory would be much more powerful and, I think, relatively easy to implement. Output filename can be presumed. I don't know QT at all well, but I'd be surprised if it doesn't offer functions to scan a directory or tree, and that should allow most of the existing code to be wrapped in a loop.


The Batch Export plugin does this (traversing a Directory and convertong from one Format into another), I don#t see why it shouldn't be possible to combine the two.
So maybe JazzClub or you, GordonS give it a try?

My main concern was your change of issue title, BTW...

Hi Jojo,

I hadn't realised I'd changed the issue title, I'd presumed I was changing only the title to my post. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I'd come looking for a standalone or command line version, saw JazzClub's answer and considered another way to achive what I wanted that I think is reasonably easy. That then seemed more than reasonable to add to the thread.

I have downloaded the batch convertor and plan to take a look at it. One of the things I originally tried was to use the (command-line) exporter/convertor to generate Impro-Visor files, but it just reported that it didn't know how to make .ls files. I don't know if the plug-in is what does that conversion or if there are two different mechanisms. I may soon find out.

The ImproViso plugin reads in a MusicXML (.xml) file, parses it and creates an .ls file
So eliminating the fileselect/dialog boxes and replacing this with the ccan of a directory from the Batch Export plugin shoudl be possible