Working fermatas, ritardando, accelerando, etc.

• Nov 5, 2016 - 01:09

One thing that tends to annoy me about MuseScore is the lack of working tempo embellishments. Though I may put fermatas, ritardandos, or accelerandos in my music, the playback just rushes through them as though they're not there. Please implement these in 2.0.4 or 3.0. ;-)


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As to ritardando or accelerando you can simulate them quite well by entering a few tempo texts (made invisible) at strategic locations. It is work to be sure, but it is actually surprising how few steps downward you need to get a quite convincing ritardando effect.

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I believe the problem is that all articulations have this time stretch property and it might be difficult to special case fermatas. Also there are (at least in master) several different fermatas; very short, short, normal, long and very long, they'd all need different defaults, I guess?

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I agree. The length of a note with a fermata as a multiple of the written duration varies wildly depending on the note value/context/style etc. If someone wants it the time stretch value to be consistent, they can always change it to the desired value, Ctrl+Shift+drag the edited fermata to the palette, and delete the old one. As for the ritardando issue, putting in the tempi manually gives a lot more control over the exact nature of the ritardando (plus there's that plugin).

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