¿Initial bar line for staves where clef sign (and key sig) not present?

• Nov 3, 2016 - 05:39

New guy here – first post with the exception that I responded to a fairly recent, unrelated thread while poring over 51 pages of posts to see if my problem already had been addressed.

In an effort to buy space on simple Jazz lead sheets, while setting up – thru STYLE > PAGE – I unclicked “Create clef for all systems,” “Create key signatures for all systems,” and, “Create courtesy clefs.”

This removes the treble clef signs and the key signatures for every staff after the first, but leaves the first bar of each of those lines “open.”

I’d like to have a barline there but have been stymied.

Dragging a barline into those measures applies the action to the end of the measure. Dragging a barline to the prior measure (the last measure on the staff above), which already has its own barline, is equally futile.

I started hacking away at MuseScore2 just last week after having been a very lightweight Finale user, but not having used that program for more than 15 years.

MuseScore2 is a tremendously useful and greatly appreciated tool, and the community support is also appreciated. I’ve been able to overcome several problems over the past few days thru many different on-line resources, just can’t track down a fix for this.




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