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• Mar 28, 2009 - 13:25


Further to the "No Title" post, I now have no text in the score, and none in the pallet.

See attachment.

I tried to add this as a comment to the "No Title" post, but the page came up as "error on the page" and i could not attach anything. ????

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I believe that the 3 problems that I mention above and have posted before are not caused by MuseScore.
I received what seems to be very bad advice from my anti-virus provider alonf with a "temp. delete program" that she sent me. On her advice, i used it and I now believe that this program made serious changes to my computer.
i will update as I find out more.

Best regards.

The score opens okay on my computer. It looks like the title was added five or six times. Not sure why it doesn't display correctly for you.

Have you tried reseting the preferences? Warning: resetting your preferences will remove any changes you have made to the preference dialog or the F9 palette. In Windows go to Start > Run and type mscore -F

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I have solved the no text problem
All text now shows up.
The text is also visable in the "Lines" pallet, so all that is fine. I can now print again. This WAS NOT a MS bug.

However,now when I try to access the drums pallet, the program crashes as soon as I click on the Drum pallet. I do have a drum part in the score and I have selected a rest in the drum part. r1667

i have tried a few different scores with the same result.
I un-installed MS and re- installed it - same result.

I ub-installed and re-downloaded r1667 and re-installed it - same result.

I tried resetting the preferences - no help


It seemed to be working okay before.


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Hi David.

I was given some very bad direction by a service rep. for my anti-virus package. It involvrd deleting temporary files on my computer/

When I did this, suddenly my computer became very unstable and slow. As well, my printer drivers disappeared and I was unable to install a new printer as "the print spooler" was unavailable.

I had a very difficult couple of days, as i have an important gig coming up in 10 days, and all the parts are on the computer. I could not print anything out.

Last night as i was asleep, I suddenly realized I had a file recovery accessory on my computer, so I got up and was going to "undelete" those temp files. Howevr, the accessory found ovr 1000 files and was on;y about 1/3 througjh the scan. I then thought to check the recycle bin, and there the files were. I restored them and the computer began working much better. I then did a search on the error message and discoverd where there was a switch to enable the print spooler, and, lo and behold, the text re-appeared in the pallet and I was able to prrint again.

I had sent messages to the antivirus provider, including one to the rep who had caused the problem, and received 2 boiler plate replies, telling me how to remove a virus. I have since responded, not very sweetly, asking why I was getting a response that had nothing to do wih my problem.

And there you have it; the tale of Notext, the magnificent.

As to why I was unable to add a comment to this board and had to start a new thread instead, I am not sure what caused that. I believe it was a problem with this site.


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