Spam Email From Finale 2012 Upgrade

• Dec 1, 2011 - 18:41

I received a spam from Finale wanting me to upgrade to 2012. I sent then this reply.
I use Musescore 1.1 from It's free and I can install it as many computers as I want. No stupid licencing crap. No disabled features because I can't afford to spend $400.00. I am an honest person that refuses to steal software and because of my honesty I have have been forced to play by your rules and I have had to deal with your anti-piracy system. I think it's a huge mistake to make life difficult for your honest customers in order to deal with software piracy.
I use five different computers and because of your computer registration system I never wanted to use your software. But sometimes I had no choice. Things are different now.
Musescore 2.0 is coming out in 2012. I have previewed a development version of it. You should be concerned.

Just so you all know. I have donated money to musescore. And I will continue to do so every year. Finale it a good piece of software but I couldn't use it as a collaboration tool with my students and my fellow musicians. I couldn't use it where I wanted to because of Finale's unfair licensing system.

My point is everyone. DONATE! to musescore. This software has been very liberating for me, my student, my friends and the world.


Well, its not spam as you likely agreed to be on their mailing list when you registered. You should be able to change this for your account on the MakeMusic web site. I get these too but haven't bothered to login and turn them off. I use them to remind me how much of a love/hate relationship I had with Finale, and why I won't go back either.

I was a paid Finale user, and had just upgraded from Songwriter to Printmusic (!) when I found MuseScore. I'm still kicking myself for upgrading. I now only use Finale to export old scores through XML.

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