Grace Note in different clef

• Oct 27, 2016 - 02:58

Does anybody know the trick of scoring on the same staff a grace note in the bass clef that is attached to a note or chord in the treble clef? It seems like I've done it before but now I can't remember how.


I am not sure this is what the intention is. The question was how to do it in one staff.

If you need correct playback I guess you are out of luck. For just the desired look--for human musicians--place the grace note on the line you need it and place a bass clef from the symbols palette in front of it. Then place the treble clef in front of the main note, also from the symbols palette.

The problem seems to me that in this picture the G clef between the grace note and the main note looks kind of graceless i.e. it might not be clear for the reader that the grace note is indeed a grace note and not something else, at least at first look. May be improved by having a slur from the grace to the main note.

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The problem with the picture above is that where the F is in the treble clef there is another chord on the same beat. The F needs to be down in the bass clef but with a treble clef sign in front of it. The A grace note would remain where it is with the bass clef sign in front of it.

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You mean like this? Seems very hard to read to me. xxx.png

BTW here is how it was generated:
- Enter A in the left hand staff
- Add grace note one octave up.
- In inspector add 2 spaces leading space.
- Double click grace notes and move it two spaces to the left.
- Grab small G clef in the symbols palette and drag it to the correct location.
- Add bass clef in front of the quarter rest to set things right (for the reader, not for MS which will disregard the clef from the symbols palette).

It can be done, but is it worth it?

I used the somewhat obscure "Fix to line" feature in Inspector to move the grace notes visually down whilst retaining their pitches. I then had to adjust things horizontally.

If you try to place a "real" bass clef before the second grace note you run into problems. If you use a symbol then it may be too small or too large. If you place a bass clef before the first note in the septuplet then you can move it backwards horizontally.

The curved "bracket" on the septuplet is simply a slur, extended to include the rest.

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