Accidental auto-guess is making life miserable.

• Mar 26, 2009 - 18:27

Musescore keeps fudging with my accidentals even after manually setting them. Musescore keeps changing E# and B# to F nat. and C nat. when I am trying to notate harmonic minor scalar passages within the proper key signature - same thing goes for double sharps. It seems to happen randomly throughout the score. Usually towards the beginning when editing further down the page. I'll just scroll back up to find that half my accidental work (tedious by the way dragging from the pallet - shortcuts?) disappear.

What the fudge?

0.9.5 rv. 1660
Ubuntu Ibex


This can happen if you go to Notes > Pitch Spell or use the Notes > Transpose function anywhere in the score.

If it happens on any other occassion see if you can find the steps to reproduce it and share the information on this forum.

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