Soundfont with Polyphone

• Oct 19, 2016 - 13:27

Ok. I've downloaded Polyphone, and decided to finally make a soundfont with some samples I purchased. Now I find reading very difficult at the moment, due to the fact that I am awaiting a cateract operation :(
Anyway that aside, I hope i have understood the software

Samples -- the raw .WAV files
instruments -- instruments that ca be made from combining the samples
Presets -- the 'programme change' numbers that corresponds to a 'preset' name (eg. 00 Piano may be made from a layering of Piano A and Piano B from the 'instruments'

So now I plan to import my samples - or rather choose one or two of the best .WAV files - use audacity to timestretch the samples, then import. Make one or two instruments out of it, then make a preset.

How do I then use the new soundfont in Musescore. How will I be able to assign the 'preset' (Profram change) no with the notes, if the Musescore is designed to work with general MIDI?

Is it possible to use a combination of Soundfonts?

Hope I explained it clearly


See the Handbook under "Soudnfonts" to learn how to use soundfonts with MuseScore. it explains the process of loading them, and using multiple ones. Even if the soundfont is not General MIDI, you can use its sounds for any given staff by assigning it directly in the Mixer.

ok. Thanks for the info :)

I successfully used the 'Acoustic Piano' Soundfont. Wow! what a difference in the sound :)

However, from my reading of the Handbook it is quite straightforward to import and use another soundfont, but what if a) I use a non GM sound eg. Boomwhackers b) wish to use 2 soundfonts within the program.

I do not use Audacity I currently us sonar home studio by cakewalk I made a sound font from my guitar And somehow I was able to put that on to polyphone 1.9 sound editor. Now I can not find a good explanation to show me how to transfer that to musescore 2.3.

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