Add MIDI Panic control

• Nov 21, 2011 - 04:43

Users who halt music playback before the playback ends experience notes that continue to sound, to a greater or lesser degree depending on a variety of factors.

It appears it would benefit Musescore users to have a "panic" control, similar to other music composition and MIDI playback software, that will send a "set of Channel Mode messages which silence the oscillators and reset the controllers" as described in

In addition, if it would be reasonable to execute redundant note stop sequences when playback is halted, in order to improve the likelihood that playback does in fact stop, please consider that as well.


Yup, a tiny piece of software like VMPK has a MIDI panic button, so why not MS? Those of us writing orchestral compositions with maaaaaaaaany loooooooong noooooootes suffer most terribly from the lack of one in MS.

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