How to edit a SoundFont

MuseScore generates sounds using a SoundFont. If you are not happy with a sound, you may want to edit the soundfont, combine several soundfonts etc...

Of course, it's not possible to create, or edit a SoundFont using MuseScore, but several tools are specifically designed to do so. Here is a non-exhaustive list. If you use any of these tools, your feedback is welcome on the forum.

Program Free/gratis/paid Operating systems
Viena (with one n), by Kenneth Rundt gratis Windows
Vienna (with two ns), by Creative gratis Windows
Polyphone Free (GPLv3) Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Swami (Sampled Waveforms And Musical Instruments) Free (GPLv2) Linux, Mac OS X
Soundfaction paid Windows
Polyphontics paid Mac OS X
ChickenSys Constructor paid Windows, Mac OS X
CDXtract paid Windows, Mac OS X
Soundfont Librarian: This librarian is a tool to manage, edit, and customize SoundFont banks. You can load several banks each in their own Windows, then simply drag-and-drop presets from one bank into another, to custom create banks containing just the presets you want in an all new bank. Save your creation back to disk when finished. gratis Windows
SF2 Splitter: Simple tool that extracts instruments from SoundFont files. gratis Windows
Awave Studio paid Windows

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