Velocity not pasting for final note in group

• Oct 12, 2016 - 21:39
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P2 - Medium
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When cutting and pasting either a single note or a group of notes, the velocity of the last note is not copied and is reset to "0".

If I copy a single note, that note's velocity will NOTbe retained.
If I copy a group of notes, ONLY the velocity of the LAST note will NOT be retained.

So there is definitely a serious bug here that I did not realize, and now I lost a bit of velocity data because of it, and I have to go back through the notes to find them.


Can you give exact steps to reproduce? starting from a empty score, and explaining how you select a group of notes (you mean a range? or ctrl+click on multiple notes?)

It doesn't happen in every single instance. But it happens enough. I'm not sure entirely what makes it happen and what does not -- possibly when a note already on the staff is divided by the note.
For example, when your copied eighth note is pasted onto a quarter note, and the quarter note is divided into the pasted eighth note and the previous quarter note that is now an eighth note.

Here is an example:

I have a line with the following:
Quarter, Eighth, Eighth, Eighth-Rest, Eighth, Eighth, Eighth.

I select and cntl-copy the quarter note. (It has a velocity of 115)

I cntr-paste it into the measure immediately below (which currently consists of a whole rest).

The pasted quarter note now has a velocity of 0.

If cntrl-copy the entire measure, and then paste that into the measure immediately below, all of the notes retain their velocity. (Though in other instances, the last note of the group has not retained its velocity).

As asked before, *how* do you select the note to copy.

Click / Ctrl+Click / Shift+Click ?
Do you click on the note/the stem/...

I checked this a little bit again, and found possibly more specifics:

If I paste the note onto a rest, then the copied/pasted note loses it's velocity entirely.
If I paste the note onto another note, then the copied/pasted note retains its velocity.
So it seems to copying/pasting related to rests.

Yes, this is a side effect of trying to copy individual notes rather than ranges - only the pitch gets copied, not other attributes. That's because the destination chord or rest might have its own properties and not isn't clear which should win. That said, in this particular case, it does seem there is a clear answer, so this should probably be fixed. But in general, you shouldn't be trying to copy individual notes - get in the habit of making range selections instead (even if they contain but a single note).

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Range copying works correct. Individual notes behave funny. If I copy a note with velocity=2 to the rest, resulting velocity=0. If I copy a note with velocity=2 to the note which have velocity=4, resulting velocity=2. Something is still broken, indeed.