Save a copy (not functioning)

• Mar 25, 2009 - 17:02

Ubuntu 8.10, Muse Score 0.9.5 r1660

While in a file I have already created and edited several times I cannot Save As to create a new copy, or Save a Copy. Every time I try to do either function it allows me to go through the steps and click save, but it does not actually do anything. I have tried every possible format.

Originally i thought i was able to overwrite old files. But that does not seem possible either. Wasn't there actually an Import and Export Feature in older versions?

I can save new files just not copies of them to other formats.

- Nick


I can confirm that I see the same behavior in the same version and OS combination. Luckily I figured out to just print a pdf instead of trying to save a pdf :P

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