Staff text properties

• Mar 24, 2009 - 21:36

not sure if this is a feature request or bug report...
Create a staff text, then right click it and select "staff text properties..."
No matter which check boxes are checked, you can not enter any commands into the boxes provided. It would be great to be able to write text such as "vibrato" or "legato" and if the user is tech savy enough, enter the commands that should be sent when these texts are encountered. (there are MIDI controllers for these and more.). I think all that would be required is to pass what is entered on to the softsynth.


This is the way how it should work:
The Staff text properties are different for every instrument. The instrument definition file (instruments.xml) defines what articulations and controllers are available. Please look at the test file "articulation.msc". For violin there are two articulatios defined "pizzicato" and "tremolo". This articulations can be bound to a staff text via the staff text properties dialog.
The "arco" text is bound to "normal" articulation. Changing articulation technically switches to a different midi channel with the proper instrument set.
The midi controller implementation should work similar but is work in progress and not functional yet.

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