MSCZ and MSCX formats

• Oct 17, 2011 - 17:54

At one time, there was discussion of the elimination of the option of saving as MSCX, which seemed not a terribly popular notion when the subject came up. The objects were based on the fact that it is nice to sometimes be able to edit a file by hand. But I keep forgetting, MSCZ is just an MSCX in a ZIP file. So

1) is the idea of eliminating MSCX still on the table?
2) is the workaround for hand editing really as simple as extracting the MSCX from the MSCZ file, editing it, then replacing it?
3) any particular "gotchas" I should be aware of when editing MSCX files? right now, i'm looking at this as a way of cleaning up some leftover corrupt measures, but I'm also considering the possibility of writing some scripts to automate some tasks that the plugin framework isn't up to


1/ For me it is. MSCX could be hidden by a flag.

2/ Yes

3/ My advice : Don't edit MSCX files, and don't spend time writing scrips on it... It's time we could spend on improving the plugin framework or implementing features in MuseScore. The MSCX format is changing at every release so using MSCX as an entry for a script is not really a good idea.

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Thanks for the reply, which makes sense. I may still want to edit the occasional MSCX file to clean up something I can't clean up otherwise (recovering from a corruption, for example). But I can see the point of not basing scripts around the specifics of the format.

It's not like I have a long list of things I was envisioning needing more plugin support for. The one thing I know I want to see eventually is a way to get at chordnames, which I know is tricky because a) they aren't just plain text and b) in 1.1 at least, they aren't necessarily attached to notes or rests. So I don't have any specific ideas for how to do this within the plugin framework.

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