Michael Cowgill (Church Organist)


I began using MuseScore about 6 months ago, having decided to look around and see what was on offer in the Open Source environment before investing heavily in updating to the latest version of Finale.

To be frank I was amazed! There are many features of MuseScore which aid the scorewriter's workflow far better than Finale, once you get used to the note input method.

I hold the City & Guilds Further & Adult Education Teachers Certificate and have been composing and teaching since 1975.

I am currently producing tutorial videos for MuseScore, with one completed and another half done. The intention is to focus on issues which regularly crop in the MuseScore forums.

I am a regular contributor to the support forums, regarding it as my way of supporting MuseScore by helping others to use the software.

I would be happy to provide onsite MuseScore training within mainland UK provided expenses would be covered.

As an aside I am using MuseScore for a long term composition project which is also hosted at my Organ Spider website - see http://www.organspider.me.uk/CWPsalms.html