I need to create a "Shake" articulation

• Oct 6, 2011 - 01:28

I have searched without success so if I missed it I apologize. I need to create a "shake" articulation for a jazz transcription I am doing of Dexter Gordon's solo in Watermelon Man. The symbol is exactly like the trill symbol that exists within MuseScore currently but without the "Tr" at the beginning of the wavy line. Is this possible or does it need to be added to the feature request forum?

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There is no wavy line style in MuseScore currently. The only way I can think of is to put several prall symbols one after the other.

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Currently, the palettes are organized based mostly on the internal representation - a line is something that has any start and end point (different notes) and can be edited, arpeggios & glissandos are symbols applied to a single chord or two adjacent notes and can also be edited, articulation is a single symbol attached to a single note and cannot be edited, etc. However, it is true that this is often not a very natural way to think about it as a user. I don't care that a volta is a line, I expect to see it with other repeat markings, and I expect to see trills with other ornaments, etc. I would definitely encourage a broad rethinking of this organization for 3.0, although perhaps as a new default workspace, leaving the current one for people who would prefer not to re-learn locations of things.

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I feel very much the same way Marc. As all know, a part of the design should be to make it as easy as possible to accomplish what the user wants.

I like the way that repeat barlines are now added to the "Repeats & Jumps" menu, although I am now trained to look under barlines. I think ALL symbols that can be described in more than one particular way should be duplicated in those pallets. Perhaps voltas should be in the "Repeats & Jumps" too, but I am wary about making pallets too dense.


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Yes, exactly! Duplication is nice but does result in everything being bigger. So ideally things wouldn't live in mutiple places. But, another advantage of having all lines in one palette together is that it makes documentation / support a bit easier. We can describe how lines function in terms of editing (double click, use shift+left/right) in one place and say "this applies to everything on the Lines palette" and be done with it. Not saying this can't be addressed if things are more scattered, but it is something else to think about as one contemplates how a new design could work.

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