Verbose accidental mode

• Oct 3, 2011 - 11:01
S5 - Suggestion

Please feel free to move this feature request to a more appropriate subproject.

Is there a way to create a "verbose accidental" mode in which MuseScore automatically adds accidentals to notes in a measure if it got a different accidental in a previous measure?

For example, in C major, F# in measure 1 has an accidental sharp (♯), where measure 2 with F should 'automatically' add a natural (♮) sign in front of F in this mode. Technically this is not needed since we're in C major (no accidentals), but I've seen tons of scores with this 'verbose accidental' mode.

I leave it open to put these verbose accidentals between brackets in the score or not.

Any thoughts?


That is indeed the usual name. MuseScore can't create them automatically, but you can place them manually using the accidentals palette. I do this often enough that I've assigned keyboard shortcuts. I tried to write a plugin once to add these automatically but couldn't get it to work. Would be a nice feature, although I'd prefer to see a command that added them after the fact as opposed to having them added automatically as you go.

And BTW, the more appropriate place for discussions - like if you aren't sure if a feature exists, or want to kind of brainstorm how it could work - would be the forums,not the issue tracker.