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• Oct 5, 2016 - 08:30

What is the "default" dynamic in Musescore?

In other words, if I give a "piano" dynamic to a note, and I want the next note to be played "normal" (default), what do I need to put as dynamic for that latter note?


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do you know if this anwser is still relevant in MuseScore 4? I was wondering, it if I play a note with the muse-hub sounds, for example without any dynamic notation this note won't reach the 36 level, while with "mf" notation it will. With mp it's also less loud that the default, so I suppose the default is between mp and mf now... (or that may depends on the intruments or soundfonts)

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I;m not sure what you mean by "the 36 level", but yes, it currently happens to be the case that if you neglect to tell MsueScore how loud to play something, it - like a human musician - will need to guess. And today that guess happens to be mf. If you'd like to be sure, don't ask what MuseScore happens to guess today, just add the dynamic you want :-)

You shouldn't rely on there being a default, though - human musicians reading your score will have the exact same question and won't know how loud to play the beginning of your piece. If you are relying on a particular dynamic level, make sure you add an explicit "mf" to the beginning of your piece for the benefit of the people reading it.

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Things are always subject to change, but as far as I know there are no current plans to add velcoity settings back to dynamics. it was a deliberate design decision to centralize this all in the note themselves instead of spreading them between two different places. I believe there is, however, a plan to add a new "volume lane" feature to make setting this easier simpler and more powerful. We'll probably be hearing more about these plans in the coming weeks.

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So are you saying that we will no longer be able to set a velocity value for a hairpin in a score? If so then playback will not reflect the instructions in the score(??) and hairpins will only be a graphical device. Also will we be able to alter a velocity setting for a particular dynamic such as mf or mp or will we be stuck with the default (whatever that may be)?

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Playback does reflect what's in the score - and that is precisely why setting a velocity on the hairpin is not relevant in MuseScore 4 (and wasn't necessary in MuseScore 3 either). Instead simply add the desired end dynamic - in either version of MuseScore. So no, they aren't graphical, they do the same as a human musician - they look at the end dynamic to determine how loud to get. You are also welcome to hide that end dynamic if you'd rather leave it to the discretion of human musicians, while still specifying a specify end dynamic.

And as mentioned, for dynamics, instead of having velocity settings in two different places (dynamics and notes) with a mathematical formula to decide how the numbers are combined to yield the final velocity, instead you simply set the velocity you want directly on the notes. So no, you aren't stuck with the default interpretation. And as I also explained, coming in a future update will be more powerful controls over all this.

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