changing default velocity values for all dynamic markings

• Oct 1, 2016 - 23:57

Pretty much as the title says. i find that forte isnt as loud as it should be and fortissimo could be a bit louder. this is just to name a few examples. the ability to change the default velocity for all dynamics would be nice


See the Handbook under "Custom palettes". Just set up some markings the way you like and add them to your custom palette.

But if you are just wanting things louder overall, better to simply turn up the volume in View / Synthesizer, or indeed using your system volume control.

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see, what im asking for is a way to circumvent having to change the velocity via the inspector panel for every dynamic marking i input into my score. it gets rly tedious and abysmal. itd be nice if there was a way for the user to change the default velocity for the dynamics. for example, the default velocity for "p" is 49. itd be nice if i could change that to 50 and then save it as my custom default velocity instead of having to change it to 50 every time i put in a "p" dynamic. this is a bit of an old thread and im not sure if reviving old threads is against the forum rules (if there are rules here) but i figure this is better than making a duplicate thread asking for the same thing again lol.

ive attempted to change the velocity and copy it into a custom pallete but it didnt work. instead it just said "more elements". there was no option for me to copy paste it

edit: nvm i figured it out. you have to press ctrl + shift then drag it to the pallete. idk why you guys make it so tedious but a solution is a solution nonetheless.

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For what it's worth, users don't have to figure it out on their own. The process is documented in the Handbook. This feature is meant for advanced users only, it shouldn't be too easy for beginners to accidentally mess up their palettes, which is one reason why the extra keystrokes are there. Another is that a simple drag is used for the far more common operation of adjusting position.

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