How to batch-convert from Musescore 1 to 2?

• Sep 30, 2016 - 02:28

In another thread I was told, "Regarding batch conversion, from any format to any format, you don't need DOS... There is a plugin for that".

I've just installed that plugin and can't get past first base. When I open it up there are two columns, "Input Formats" and "Output Formats". Of course, for my purposes I need to specify *.mcsz in both columns, since I'm trying to convert from Musescore 1 to Musescore 2. But the plugin won't let me do that. I check *.mcsz in the first column, but then when I do so in the second column, the checkmark disappears from the first column.

How do I proceed?


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mscx is the uncompress form of mscz (it also doesn't contain the thumbnail 2.0 creates nor any images that got added to the score)
At you also find links to alternative methods, using a script or batch file to call MuseScore in a look, which that you can stay within the same format but to another directory.

Maybe the plugin could get extended to work on same format, by adding something to the target file name, like filename-converted.mscz. Need to look into this

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I haven't done anything with a batch file for years. Furthermore, I'm in an unfortunate situation in which all my old DOS documentation is buried six feet deep in a storage facility that I'm not going to be able to access for months. As a result, I don't have my info on batch files, so I'm winging it here. I'm assuming that the following...

for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('dir /b *.mscz') do C:\MuseScore\win32install\bin\mscore.exe %%a -o %%~na.pdf

...from is what I'm after. (I looked in but the most relevant post just linked back to 12452.) If this assumption is correct, then here's what I should do:

1. Create a new folder into which the converted files will be saved. Let's put it on D and call it NewDir.

2. Remind myself of the location of the folder in which the old files reside (D:\OldDir) and of Musescore, which is E:\Multimedia\Audio\Musescore.

3. Plug all three of those folders into the batch string.

4. Also change the original string's "pdf" extension to "mscz" since I'm trying to update Musescore files.

5. And all these changes would make my new string like this...

for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('dir /d:olddir *.mscz') do E:\Multimedia\Audio\Musescore %%a -o d:\newdir\%%~na.mscz

...and then I'd paste this string into the Windows Run field and press Enter. Correct?

The snippet provided in the history thread didn't say anything about using a different directory for the output, but jojo-schmitz did (see his post above), so I'm just making my best guess about how to handle it. Did I guess right?

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