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I usually play finger picking guitar. I think the voice feature in MuseScore can be very usefull for this kind of score cause the thumb play one voice and other fingers play another voice (or maybe i missunderstand the "voice" concept :-) Then the score should became more easy to read, especially when there is an interleave between notes of the 2 voices.

Anyway, i import a gp5 tablature and start to change voices.
1) The first time i do it MuseScore crash (i dont have backtrack).
2) The second time i change voice on 2 notes (under the 4-4), but the notes disappear from the tablature (see image).
3) I test to change voice into other notes (0-0-7-7) to see the tail goes down, but it looks like sometime the widget is disabled and i can't change the voice on them.

There is some bug somewhere, and maybe i do not use it right too. Then is it the the right way to do what i want? Or does it need some fix? Thanks.

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Currently, tabulatures only support voice 1.

On one hand, multiple voices do not make very much sense in tabulatures per se and, given the current structure, would make rather complicated checking (and possibly avoiding) conflicts while assigning notes to strings and frets.

On the other hand, as it is possible to have multiple voices in 'pitched' staves and they can be linked (or converted) to tab staves, tab staves should cope with them.

So, multiple voices will be implemented in tabulatures sooner or later, but not very soon...



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Just a quick point: for the long-term ideal goals, accessing separate voices is indeed important in tablature! Ideally, tablature includes rhythm stems similar to notes so that tablature can be used alone and still indicate rhythm. These stems make sense to be voiced because that is the most straightforward way to indicate voices similarly to music — thus the voicing controls stem direction inside the tablature and allow for overlapping rhythms, just as with notes.

I don't care that lots of people use tab without rhythm stems. It is basically always better with the stems, and Musescore ought to eventually support that.

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For the second point i explain, there is anyway a bug.
I dont think it is normal a note disapear. There is a bug on the display which do not display an existing note, or there is a bug on the UI which allow me to do a wrong action.

For the third, i am not sure, cause i test without tablature and it do not work like i thinking it should. Then i will read document about it, if i found some.

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Pojnt 2) is to be expected, given the current status of implementation: notes on voices other than 1 are not shown in tablatures, as tablatures only 'see' voice 1. It it a limitation, of course, and -- as I said above -- it should be overcome sooner or later.

The fact that the Voices exchange commands remain active is an inconsistency, it's true. The action is not 'wrong' in itself, rather is leads to unsupported results for the moment. Think of the whole tabulature matter as a partially implemented thing.

About point 3), I must admit I do not really understand the description. Can you add more details?



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After few tests yesterday without partition, it looks like it is not possible to change the voice of a single note (a note played alone at a time). It is what i try to explain.

It have nothing to do with partition, but i think this kind of action make sens. Or i do it wrong, cause i remember few time ago (maybe with the stable version) the voice widget was displayed with 4 colors, and now i only see 1 color (which maybe mean it is disabled or half-disabled, i dont know).

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Thanks for the added details.

The "Voices" selector did change in trunk: the rule I gathered is that, while not in note enter mode, it is grayed out unless a single note or rest is selected. I have no idea if this is the intended behaviour or just an interim situation with more development to come (I only deal with tabulatures, as far as development is concerned).

As you said though, this has nothing to do with tabulatures.



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