Decompressing sfark files to sf2 files

• Sep 26, 2016 - 20:36

For those of us who have very little computer/software understanding, the link to decompress an sfark file is a complete mystery (Musescore User Manual/Specialized Soundfonts/Note #2 = "sfArk is a compression format designed especially for compressing SoundFont files. Use the special sfArk software to decompress it." => But I found the perfect way to do it and it is so easy. Go to Click "Select Files" or the down arrow to select from Dropbox or Google Drive, etc. Then upload the sfark files which convert to sf2 files. The free site will only let you decompress for 25 minutes per day, but it was such a relief to find this website. I think this site will benefit others like me, if someone who knows how, would add it to the Musescore user manual.



This is terrific, thanks. I'll add it to the Handbook. For future reference, all you need to do is click the "Edit" tab below the page title.

I assume you meant you were trying to decompress a file. I don't know anything about compressing. The option I suggested is for 25 minutes per day at no charge, 1 GB maximum file size. The website also offers a prepaid package of 500 minutes for only $8 or for an $8 per month subscription you can convert 1000 minutes per month, with a 5 hours maximum conversion time per file. The file sizes allowed with both of these options are unlimited. I have no affiliation with this site, but for 500 minutes and unlimited files sizes at a cost of only $8 seems pretty reasonable to easily decompress sfArk files. Just click on their "Pricing" option along the top of the web page to get to their payment plans. Best wishes and decompress away.

PS There is a great website with a lot of free sfArk files. Check out:

On Linux, there is a GPL'ed utility called "sfarkxtc" that can uncompress sfArk files.
For instance, on Ubutnu Linux, type:

$ sudo apt install sfarkxtc

to install it. Then

$ sfarkxtc my_ark.sfArk

this will generate my_ark.sf2

Polyphone soundfont editor has now the feature to open .sfark files. It opens the file exactly like a soundfont file. When the file is opened you have to go to the menu, "Save as.." and you can find the saved .sf2 file in the same folder as the original file.

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