Guitar tuning display

• Sep 17, 2011 - 11:21


I am new here and, and i am a TuxGuitar user. Then sorry in advence, i can have the wrong philosophy with musescore. I just compile the trunk version to check tablatures.

To me, the main screen is the look and feel of a final print page. And I usually use non standard tuning song for my guitar. Then i think somewhere it should display the guitar tuning, cause it is a very important information (when it is not standard).

In some Guitar Pro file, the transcriber add a comment on a begin of the song with "Tuning: DADGCC" (for example)
In ascii tablatures, usually there is tuning notation in front of each strings (
I think i also have some example of PDF with tuning notation in the header, if you are interested in, i can search.


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