"Loop Playback"

• Sep 25, 2016 - 04:26

I got musescore about a week ago and have been playing with it for a while, and I cant move the loop playback selection in the music, how can I move it back to the beginning where I had it without undoing?

Here is a link to a screenshot of what I mean.



Click the loop button to make the loop go away, press ctrl+a to select everything, click the loop button again. Whenever you place the loop, it wraps around whatever you have selected. If you have nothing selected, it defaults to the last location of the loop.

When you first open a score there are no loop markers and 'Loop Playback' loops the whole score. How to you get back to this state ( eg having no loop markers as opposed to visible loop markers at the start and end)?

(Answer my own question - actually if you press 'Loop Playback' MuseScore adds the loop markers at the beginning and the end...)

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